img_0028Brewery – Motorworks
Beer – Indy
Style – IPA
ABV – 6.9% ABV
IBUs – 85 IBUs

This American IPA is filtered and bittered with high alpha hops from the Pacific Northwest.  The color is sunset orange and hazy with floral and herbal aromas.  Grapefruit and orange on the palate, while also exhibiting some pineyness.  Drying in the finish but supported with pale malt and a medium body.

There are a lot of IPAs in this world of craft beer, and that makes it hard for breweries to distinguish themselves from the pack.  It’s even harder when you’re doing so from a bigger distribution standpoint.  How do you make that beer memorable?

Motorworks does it in the case of their Indy IPA by crafting a beer that doesn’t blow your face off with a big alcohol presence, but still packs it full of all the herbal, floral and piney happiness that hopheads desire.

This is a beer that is the definition of solid, and drinkable if I’ve ever found it!

My Thoughts On The Beer:

The beer is really great to look at, which I know isn’t a big deal to a lot of people, but pouring this really beautiful red/orange beer into a glass and holding it up to the light will treat you with a side of craft beer that gets overlooked… visual pleasure.

Don’t think that means the beer is one sided, though.  You’ll find a full nose of big herbal and piney hops to pull you into the glass… begging you to dive in.

The flavor follows along with the piney and floral notes, but with a big, bright citrusy grapefruit finish that leaves a pleasant bitter tingle on the tongue.

This is a really fun beer, and it most definitely establishes itself very well on an often crowded shelf of IPAs.

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