samadamshopscape-1Brewery – Sam Adams (Boston Beer)
Beer – Hopscape
Style – Wheat Ale with West Coast Hops
ABV – 5.5%
IBUs – 30

Four types of West Coast hops add bold notes of pine and juicy grapefruit to this deep golden wheat ale, for a crisp flavor that’s a refreshing escape from winter’s lingering chill.

Sam Adams rolls out the first of their two new seasonals this year with Hopscape, a really great Hoppy Wheat, or wheaty IPA… or whatever style you choose to call it.

The beer debuted in January and should be around through February, where it will be replaced with this years second new seasonal ‘Fresh as Helles‘, which I encourage you to snag as soon as you see it too.

The beer was designed with citrus and piney flavors, with a nice lingering bitter finish to make the beer really sit well in the cold, brisk temperatures that you’ll find this time of year.  The hop bill of Zeus, Centennial, Citra and Chinook does a fine job and leaves this one near the top of my list as one of my favorite new offerings from Sam Adams in a long while.

My Thoughts on Sam Adams Hopscape

This beer puts the standard winter beer on it’s heels with a different take on what this season can bring to the table.  The need for big, dark beer, after big, dark, beer is no longer the only way to approach the season, and Sam Adams is fully embracing that.

When you pour Hopscape into your glass, you will find hazy yellow body, with a big white fluffy head on top.

Aromas rise from the foam in the form of a bright, citrus and outdoorsy scent.  It’s not traditionally “winter”… but it’s fresh, clean and really enticing.

The flavor of this beer is an absolute treat.  You’re blessed with a full bodied ale, using powerful hop flavors to cut through in a burst of freshness.  Pine plays with the citrus in an earthy bite of bitterness that is cut with a wheaty sweetness that lingers on the tounge.  Refreshing is the best word I can use to describe it.

Well done!






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  1. Good analysis of this beer. It is indeed a nice refreshing one for the winter. In addition to your description I also get a clear taste of grapefruit at the end.

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