actual-luxon-1Brewery – Actual Brewing
Beer – Luxon
Style – Golden Saison
ABV – 5.6%

This luxurious Golden Saison Ale is gilded with the precious phenolics and esters of a Saison yeast.  Yet within it’s luminous flux you’ll find an unusual clarity.  Transmute a golden treasure into yourself.

Actual is one of those brewery’s that you think of when someone asks you to describe a craft brewery.  It’s taproom isn’t flashy, there aren’t many bells and whistles to get people talking about them or their space – it’s about the beer.

When you do something well, you hang your hat on it, and you aren’t ashamed of the other stuff.  With beers like Luxon coming out of the industrial park that is home to Columbus’ Actual Brewing, it’s easy to see that they have plenty reason to be proud of what they are doing.

Golden Saison, tells you all that you need to know about this beer style, even if it’s a mish-mash of other styles, it’s the perfect descriptor.

My Thoughts on Acutal Brewing Company’s Luxon

There should be little surprise when you pour Luxon into your glass.  The beer is a bright golden-yellow color, maybe a light orange color.  It has a bright white head that sits on top of the glass.

Leaping forth from it are all the wonderful Belgian esters and phenols that you are craving from a Saison.  Peppery notes hit your nose without abandon.

The taste of this, still has all the great aromatic flavors of the yeast, but it’s packaged in a crisp, clean and extremely drinkable beer.  It’s cleaner, and much easier drinking than I find most Saisons to be – it’s a great beer, and a wonderful example of taking a style and making it your own.









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