I feel like the last few times I have gotten to write something about Braxton Brewing Company, the post always starts out with something about how many releases we’re seeing from them in 2017.  It usually then goes on to say that we’re just scratching the surface, and how great it is to see from the Covington, Kentucky based brewery.

This post is also going that way – because DAMN… they’re doing it again.

Popping up in my inbox this morning was a great press release if you’re a German Hefeweizen fan like I am – the brewery is going to be putting out their ‘Haven’ in cans for the spring season.

About Braxton Haven

Let’s start this one simple… what’s Haven?  Haven is a traditional German Hefeweizen, 5.2% ABV and full of fantastic fruity esters, and notes of cloves.  It’s medium body and full flavor doesn’t stop this from being an easy drinking beer, perfect for the warm days that I’m so desperately waiting for.

The can itself gives us more details about this release:

Like this Hefeweizen, may your haven be unfiltered & full of life.  Turn it up and enjoy the moment.  Haven showcases yeast driven flavors and aromas, known for its banana and clove characteristics.  A medium bodied, full flavored and easy drinking unfiltered wheat beer, this Hefe should be stored upside down until it’s time to lift one to life.

Wait… what?  Upside down?  Let’s chat about this.

Note: If you want to read more about this beer, I have tasting notes up where you can do exactly that.

Turn It Upside Down

One of the first things that you’ll notice about the Haven design is that the label has the name printed upside down.  Why in the world would you do this?  It’s actually a brilliant concept.  In beers like a Hefeweizen, the yeast is a big player.  The beer is unfilterd and the yeast remains in suspension within the beer itself.

The brewery explains in a blog post, that most of the body from the beer comes from that yeast itself (you guys are familiar with this from all your new-fangled NE IPAs). The beer should be cloudy.

When the beer is canned, or kegged, it should be stored upside down until ready to serve.  This ensures that any yeast that starts to settle out of the beer will be re-suspended, making the beer cloudy and full-bodied again, just like intended.

I’ve always poured my Hefeweizens by pouring 3/4 of the beer into a glass, swirling the bottle or can, then finishing the pour – but this idea of storing upside down is one that’s new to me, and dare I say it… brilliant? Why has no one taught me this?

The Release

Here’s the important part.  Getting this beer into your hands.

The brewery is tapping this beer in ‘The Garage’ on March 3rd, with the cans making their way out to distribution the following week.  In typical Braxton fashion, they’re throwing a taproom celebration for the release – and you should probably RSVP on their Facebook page if you plan on going.

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