samadams-ellablanc-1Brewery – Sam Adams (Boston Beer)
Beer – Ella Blanc
Style – India Pale Lager
ABV – 65
IBUs – 65

The hoppiness of an IPA and the crispness of a lager collide in this IPL.  Australian Ella hops add notes of orange peel, pine, and tropical fruit while German Hallertau Blanc creates hints of floral, grassy, and herbal basil.  Together, their playful and inventive hop character makes for a complex, uniqu flavor.

I have long had a love/hate relationship with IPLs, I feel that so many of them fall short on hoppiness, while also coming up short on the crisp easy drinking lager character that I often crave.  It’s like trying to hit to many things all at once.

Where Sam Adams has proven me wrong is with Ella Blanc.  They nailed both sides of the coin with this beer, and I’m happy to admit that it’s made me a believer in the style.

My Thoughts On Sam Adams Ella Blanc

The beer is golden yellow in color, with a crisp, bright white head on top.

Aromas of tropical fruit collide with a really nice outdoorsy floral scent.

The flavor is a delicate balance between the crisp mouthfeel and an earthy, grassy quality.  Sitting on top of it all is a light tropical fruit note that finishes with a slight kiss of bitterness.

This beer is really nice – and would pair perfectly with a sunny afternoon, when you want something that is crisp and drinkable, but doesn’t lack flavor.







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