Municipal Brew Works isn’t even to their first anniversary, yet.  They’ve been working away in Butler County, making their beer in downtown Hamilton since June of 2016, and yet they’re already signed to a distributor, and have made plans for their first ever packaged release (a bomber) durging their anniversary party.

Signing To Ohio Eagle

I know, I know… Great Eagle isn’t known as a distributor for craft brands.  The company, though, has undergone a TON of changes in the past few years, starting first when they were bought in late 2014, to when they announced last year that they were moving their location to West Chester.

Yes… they distribute AB, and that’s been their bread and butter for a long time.  But that doesn’t mean that’s the future.  Looking to add craft brands has been part of their new plan, and I’m sure that Municipal Brew Works is going to be a great addition to their lineup and a perfect first local brewery for them to start to do big things locally.

Talking to the folks at Municipal Brew Works, who are die hard craft people, they don’t seem concerned by it.  They seemed downright excited about the partnership and assured me that you’d never see a Budweiser beer truck pull up in front of municipal to pick up beer.  They state that the distribution footprint and Ohio Eagle’s marketing plan fits perfectly with the plans for the brewery.

Bottle Release?

We’re still a little early to talk about this, but I’m really excited and have a couple beers in me – so let’s talk about it, right?  Plans have already begun for Municipal’s anniversary party on June 10th.  Part of that is plans for their first bottled beer.

The beer will be a Double IPA, packaged in a bomber bottle.  This is the start of a new era of Municipal Brew Works.  Getting their beer into the hands of drinkers outside of their taproom, and draft accounts will only do great things for them and I can’t wait to watch the growth.

We’ll talk about this more as we get closer to the date, but for now – mark your calendar for June 10th, it’s likely gonna be pretty awesome.

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