I had to do a double take early this morning, thinking that it was too good to be true.  Could my drowsy eyes be deceiving my sleep deprived brain?  Wooden Cask, with packaging?  I did a couple double and triple takes, and was thrilled to confirm that it was in fact two labels for Wooden Cask rolling through the TTB.

The brewery had their Grand Opening not even four months ago.  Already their taps are packed full with a unique selection of beers that are full flavored, but easy drinking.  The beers are often nods to traditional styles, English and Irish beers that remind me of the sort of things that kicked off the craft brewing and homebrewing rage that has transformed US beer in the last 30+ years.

The labels themselves are clear, with gold lettering, and a second highlight color to represent the individual beers.  The brewery’s motto, or mission statement is written on one side:

We believe that you deserve a well crafted more flavorful beer

This is an idea we can all get behind!  They follow it up on the other side with the simple statement that their beers are ‘Brewed with Integrity’ – which if you’ve ever talked to owner Randy Schiltz, you’ll know isn’t just a marketing gimmick.

The labels that came through are two great examples of their style “personality” and a great introduction to the things they are doing for anyone who hasn’t been to the taproom before.

Seventh Street Runoff

This English Brown Ale is as close to a flagship as the brewery has.  According to the label:

Our Seventh Street Runoff is a Northern English style, light in body ale.

They don’t mark the abv on the label, but my notes say that it’s around 5.2% ABV.  I love the toastiness of this beer, with a light hint of a coffee like flavor to it, it’s full flavored, but doesn’t knock you on your butt when you drink it.

Reformation Scottish Stout

A Scottish Stout, or as the label describes it:

Our Reformation Stout is heavy in body and bold in taste.

7% ABV puts this one in the higher end of ABVs for Wooden Cask, and is perfect for pouring a glass, sitting back with your feet up and sipping on it at night.  It’s a big, bold beer – because it’s supposed to be.

The Girl Next Door Blonde Ale

On the lighter side, call it a gateway beer if you need to, but this is an easy drinker for a hot day.  From the label:

Our GND Blonde Ale is our most approachable craft beer expression.

It’s 6% ABV makes this one a perfect companion to a day of drinking, and it’s light easy drinking body puts a bow on it.  This is a delicous Golden or Blonde Ale.

The Details

When can you get these, and where?

Wooden Cask’s distributor looks to roll them out into Kentucky first before they start moving the brewery into Ohio, so you’ll be able to snag them at your favorite NKY bottle shops first.

As for the when?  It’s a little loose and waiting on a few things… like the bottles to come in, and some test runs on the bottling line, but “sometime this month” is the official word.

This is good stuff – I love it.

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