After a little bit of “hub-bub” online, the Northside brewery project that you’ve probably heard about, called “Rabbit Hash Brewing” has announced that they’ve settled on a new name after a Facebook contest to help them decide.

Father and Son team Mike and Paul Kemp announced that after more than 750 suggestions they settled on ‘Humble Monk Brewing’, a name that was submitted by family friend Nick Ackley who will receive a gift certificate for a keg of their beer, as well as a catered party for 30 at the brewery.

The name reflects some of the brewing techniques that Humble Monk hopes to employ as well as the overall feeling of the brewery’s space and ideals – matching them probably a little better than Rabbit Hash ever could have.

About That Whole Rabbit Hash Thing…

Speaking on the original name of the brewery project – the Kemps insist that there was never an attempt to capitalize on the town of Rabbit Hash, especially with the recent burning down of the general store. Instead, the brewery says that the name Rabbit Hash was meant to be an homage to the town itself and the way of life that it brings forth in your mind when you think of it.

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