The move into the new production space still hasn’t happened (though its close!) yet we’re starting to get a glimpse at what the massive expansion project is going to mean for Taft’s Ale House, in Cincinnati and well beyond.

The biggest thing that you’re going to see once the brewery starts making beer in the new space is more packaged beer, not just around Cincinnati, but around Ohio.  They’ve dropped some hints about what that beer would be, but we’re now getting a really clear picture of what the core lineup of cans is going to look like, due to a few label approvals.

Gavel Banger

We know what the first beer that’s going to roll off their line is going to be – after all, they let their fans vote on it.  It’s not much of a surprise given the popularity of the style anymore, but their Gavel Banger IPA beat out the contenders soundly.  The can reads:

Taft, our honorable Gavel Banger, hands down his decision.  Juicy, hoppy, justice for all!

The IPA comes in at 7% ABV, which is a bit of a boost from its debut at 6% when it was first tapped at the brewery’s Grand Opening.  It’s a IPA full of juicy tropical hops, Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe – it’s west coast to the bone.

Nellie’s Key Lime Caribbean Ale

We’ve had this one in packaging since the very first offering from Taft’s rolled onto beer shelves back in June of 2015.  The can design is getting a bit of a refresh, though, when the new system is up and running.  The label reads:

Taft’s constant companion to transport you to the tropics.  Refreshing and clean.

The beer is easy drinking at 4.8%, and 19 IBUs.  It’s a light American Ale, and get’s a nice tropical flavor from the addition of Key Lime juice, and a hint of coriander.

27 Lager

I wrote about this beer a little bit when the brewery announced that it was being released on draft – but if you missed it here’s what the can reads:

Steadfast and steeped in tradition, 27 Lager finds beauty in simplicity.  Crisp, golden and noble.

At 5.3% ABV, this beer answers the call in Cincinnati for more easy drinking, but flavorful lagers.  It uses traditional German ingredients to not only please the palates that will fill the new beer garden, but it pays a great homage to the German neighborhood and historic German church that the brewery calls home in OTR.

So – When’s It Happening?

Beyond, these… and even with these, Taft’s is being pretty tight-lipped about what the new space is going to bring drinkers once its doors are open.  They posted a few pictures of the six MASSIVE 100 barrel fermenters awaiting their brewhouse to arrive from Germany, and they’ve said that they are shooting for a “Spring” timeframe for the space to be ready for brewing.

Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll know when things are up and running when you start seeing a lot more people with Taft’s cans in their hands around town.

UPDATE – in an email that went out to their ‘Founding Father’s’ mailing list group the brewery announced today (May 8th) that we’d start seeing the cans around town starting May 19th.  Be ready for more Taft’s Ale House available around town- FINALLY!!

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