Brewery – Rhinegeist
Beer – Mosaic
Style – Single Hop Pale Ale
ABV – 5.6%
IBUs – 45

This single hopped Pale Ale detonates upon the palate with a brilliant array of dank, tropical fruit, grapefruit blossom, mandarin orange and blueberries. Golden Promise malt provides a clean base — a kaleidoscope of flavor delivered with the simplest of recipes.

This was the first packaged single hop pale ale that Rhinegeist released, however it was back in early 2015.  What we now have is this Single Hopped treat available in 12oz cans for cooler stocking all across town.

This beer becomes the newest member of the “power pale series” (read about that here) and a great showcase of the hop if you’ve ever been curious about Mosaic.

The beer uses Golden Promise and Pale Ale malts to set the base for a flavor bomb of a pale ale.  They follow it up with a ton of Mosaic hops, which bring a palate of all sorts of fruity flavors to the beer.

My Thoughts On Rhinegeist Mosaic

This beer pours a light golden color, with a small white head.

The aromas are all fruit for me, with lots of tropical notes taking charge.  I can identify a mango and peach note, with the rest coming through just as “tropical fruit” for my basic sense identification skills.

Taste is bright, and really changes a lot as you work your way through a pint. It starts with a bright, slightly bitter tropical hoppiness, and finishes with a slightly dank herbal flavor that tastes like a completely different hop.

I dig this – and I love when brewery’s make beers that showcase single ingredients for me.  I feel like it does so much to improve my understanding of hops and malts when they are put front and center.

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