We’ve been hearing that this is coming for a LONG time now, and it looks like we’re finally in the home stretch for Blank Slate bottles.  When I reached out to Scott to talk about the can labels back in mid-March, he told me that we’d be seeing Ryesing up “soon” and that it’d be followed up with Shroominous, well… here we go, folks!  Ryesing up just rolled through the approval process.

About Ryesing Up

Let’s have a look at the label for this one and see what we can come up with:

Crisp.  Spicy.  Refreshing.  That best describes this Belgian Style Farmhouse Saison.  But there’s a twist.  We add Rye malt which accentuates the peppery character this special yeast is known for.  On top of that we add two layers of peppercorns to give it even more punch.  Although not overly spicy itself, the complex blend of yeast and spice works well with a wide range of dishes from spicy Asian and Middle-Eastern to grilled seafood and salads.

Naturally, highly carbonated in the bottle.  Pour delicately in order to leave the naturally occurring sediment behind.  Best served in a tulip glass at 40-45 degrees F.

The beer comes in at 8% ABV with 27 IBUs.

Here’s what I love about Blank Slate – every single beer that they make has a culinary-like approach to it.  These are beers that are seemingly designed to be paired up with a meal.  Ryesing up is one of my favorite to do that with too – this large format bottle just begs for a place in the center of a dining room table with some friends and a meal.

I cannot wait to see what this looks like once it’s all bottled up and sitting on a shelf… preferably the shelf in my refrigerator.  Keep your eyes open this year for Blank Slate… things are gonna get crazy.

Update – Release Info

Good news for Blank Slate fans, today is the day! Ryesing Up will be for sale when the taproom opens their doors tonight at 5pm.  You can swing into the taproom and get your bottles then, with no Bottle limits set!

Here’s to hoping this is the first of many Bottle releases from the brewery!


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