As the weather starts to warm, our collective drinking habits tend to take a little shift too.  Gone are the loads of big imperial stouts and roasty porters from our beer fridges, and enter in the Lagers, the Goses, and the Berliners.  It’s one of my favorite times of year.  You guys are likely familiar with the smash success that Rhinegeist has had with their Peach Gose, called Peach Dodo.  They’re kicking things into high gear with their 22oz bomber bottle of the next in line for their sour series.

Maracuja is a Gose with Passion fruit, that seems like it would be perfect for the season.

About Maracuja

The name means ‘passion fruit’ in Portuguese – and I certainly hope that the fruit flavor plays a strong role in this.  The label reads:

A sour ale with the addition of lively passion fruit juice, that elevates tartness with zesty tropical fruit notes.

It comes in at a hefty (for a gose) 7% ABV, and 12 IBUs.  The label reflects the tropical nature of this bottle, with a bright orange background and a pink banner showcasing the name.  This will certainly stand out on shelves when it drops.

As always, with label approvals, I can’t promise when, or even if you’ll see this one in your favorite bottle shops, but keep your eyes peeled to Rhinegeist’s social media, as they’ll certainly let us know!

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