It’s been a long time coming, and for a lot of people in Cincinnati it’s been a time met with questions.  Who is March First?  What are they doing?  When are they opening?  Lagers? Ciders? Booze?  What’s the story???

If you missed the brewcast where I sat down with the brewers Garret and Shae, you might have some of these questions still… if that’s the case you can finally make your way out to their taproom and get the story for yourself come Friday.

Much like everything they’ve been doing so far, they left this one as a great surprise for those who are following them on social media.  Up until now, questions about their opening date were met with quick glances around the room, and quick little smiles and a “soon”.  I suppose that we now know why – it was really soon.

A Little Bit About The Brewery

March first has BIG plans, to do some stuff that hasn’t really been accomplished in our growing beer scene yet.  They are going to focus on making lagers (primarily… though with some ales thrown in too).  To make things even more difficult on them, they’re also going to make ciders, and even distill their own spirits as well.

Think of March First as a shrine to drinking, for drinkers of all shapes and sizes.  It’s a massive idea, and they don’t seem even the slightest bit daunted by it.

Everything, from their future plans, to their small taproom, to their clean, simple, throwback branding shows that they have plans not to tackle competition here in Cincinnati, but well beyond that – this is a brewery that’s going to try to make a name for themselves well beyond your beer fridge in the future – they’re building a hefty foundation to do that.

The Grand Opening

Curious yet?

You can venture out to their taproom at 7885 E Kemper Rd starting Friday at 4pm to see for yourself what they’re up to, and see if they are really making “Ohio’s Most Drinkable Craft Beer” as the claim lies currently.

They’ll have the patio open, and food available for purchase from the Street Chef Brigade food truck in case you get hungry.

Come for the curiosity, stay for the beer (or cider!)

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