I was telling you back in early March that we were about to see the first bottle roll out of Wooden Cask. ┬áThe brewery is getting extremely close (and you’ll see them right here as soon as they hit shelves) but in the meantime, they’re giving us a major peak at what they’re going to be rolling out in the near future.

These bottles will probably see a mix of six packs that hit your favorite stores, as well as some six packs that are taproom only exclusive… so if you see something that you must have at home – pay attention to the brewery’s social media!

Enough chit-chat, though – let’s have a look at all these new labels!

Kentucky Farmhand

American Wheat

Our American Wheat Ale is unfiltered with a truly unique, savory flavor.


English Brown Porter

Our English Porter is a rich beer with toasted bread & dark fruit flavor.

Pacific Time

India Pale Ale

Our India Pale Ale is a unique beer with a fruity hop flavor & citrus aroma.


Irish Red Ale

Our Irish Red Ale is a refreshing beer with a slight toasted bread note & moderate hop bitterness.

The Scotsman

Scottish Ale

Our Scottish Ale is a rich beer with malty sweetness and hints of dark fruits.


English Ordinary Ale

Our English Ordinary Ale is a complex beer with a bready malt flavor & earthy hop aroma.

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