I was joined in “studio” (I’m working on the new version of Cincy Brewcast studios… slowly but surely) for what was supposed to be a show focusing on Sam Adams and their Longshot variety six pack that they had recently released. My guests didn’t know what was in store for this show when they signed up, though.  Joining me was:

  • Justin “PeePaw” Chaney – From Swine City
  • Amie Sandlin – From Cappy’s
  • Mike Stokes – From Cincy Brewbus

The changes in our plans happened when a little brewery called Wicked Weed announced that they had been purchased by another little brewery called AB-InBev.  Needless to say, it changed the course of things – though we did talk a lot about Longshot still!

From The Beer Fridge

We drank a lot of different beers… it helps with the conversation…  trust me.   Plus, we had some Wicked Weed that suddenly needed “disposed of”.

  • Sam Adams – Longshot – Wild Child
  • Sam Adams – Longshot – Barnstorm Saison
  • Sam Adams – Longshot – Coffeehead Imperial Stout
  • Wicked Weed – Montmaretto
  • Wicked Weed – Medora

There may or may not have been plenty of other beers being passed around too that didn’t make it onto the “air”.

Buyouts… Longshots.

It seems like it’s been a hot topic in beer ever since AB first bought out Goose Island, and changed the game around.  It only makes sense, then that at some point we tacked it on the show… and this was as good of a time as any!  We talked about them all… from Wicked Weed, to Lagunitas and tried to figure out what exactly the concerns are.  Why is this bad… is there any good that can come from it all?

And then there were the Longshots.  We talked about Sam Adams and their home brew competition, as well as ran through a tasting of all of this years offerings.

It was a fun show, full of some great friends with whom I’ve shared many beers over the last few years.  This is how I love doing a brewcast!

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