For such a  tiny little brewery, there sure is a lot to write about when it comes to Mt. Healthy’s Fibonacci Brewing Company.  If you haven’t been there yet, though, you need to know something about who they are.  They’re nano.  They’re not just nano, actually… they’re nano and really proud of that.

I can’t even tell you how many people have told me that a brewery like Fibonacci won’t work – they’ve been so quick to say that you can’t sustain a brewery on a 1bbl system for any length of time, or that Mt. Healthy is just the wrong neighborhood for a craft brewery to exist in.

They’re really quick to start spouting off all kinds of stats and reasons that it will fail, and yet, here we are.  Fibonacci is doing fantastic, and doing things the way they want to with big smiles on both their faces, and on the faces of their employees (a staff that has grown a bit too, recently).

2 Years Old

The brewery has already started planning their second birthday party.  It will have music, food, and beer galore (of course).

The party isn’t until  July 15th, so the details are still to come, but we know that Mountain’s BBQ will be cooking up food, and something tells me that Bob has a few beer surprises that we can look forward to that day.  For now, just mark that calendar and keep your eyes peeled!

Growing A Bit

They’re still nano… and that’s how they want it to be, but they have found a few ways to increase some of their production to help their fans get a little more of their beer.

You might have noticed recently that the brewery has expanded their taproom hours.  They’re now open:

  • Wednesday: 5pm-10pm
  • Thursday: 5pm-10pm
  • Friday: 5pm-12am
  • Saturday: 12pm-12am
  • Sunday: 12pm-10pm

This was only made possible by nearly doubling their fermentation space (which could still fit inside one of the smaller fermenters at almost every brewery in Cincinnati, btw).

As I mentioned earlier, they’ve also added a couple employees to help maintain the new hours – so if you see a new face behind the bar make sure that you introduce yourself (and tell them the Gnome sent you).  In fact… you might want to pay attention in the coming months, as they’ve been doing a really fun employee collaboration series and from what I hear, there might be an event coming together where all the beers are on tap at the same time for us to vote on.

The Beer Garden / Urban Farm / My Goat Petting Zoo

I can’t promise that Betty is going to include a goat petting zoo as part of her ‘Urban Farm’ that she’s been planning since well before Fibonacci opened their doors – but I figure if we all keep talking about it, she’ll have to get us a goat… right?

Things are moving along on that side of things too – if you take a peek out back behind the taproom, you’ll see a few new beehives buzzing away collecting pollen (or whatever it is that bees collect) and processing some honey.  It’s a really fun piece of the puzzle for what Fibonacci is all about – the beer is only half of the equation, and we’re finally starting to see that other half come to life.

As more and more of the farm comes to life, you’ll see more “farm to glass” stuff coming out.  Take a great example that you’ll also see this summer:

The brewery is brewing up a Mulberry beer that will help celebrate their community of Mt. Healthy’s bicentennial.  It’s going to be part of a big community harvest event… something that sounds like it was designed for them.

The biggest part of the Urban Farm side of things is their massive beer garden (it’s that big green space to the right of the taproom).  As soon as the speedy Feds get their butts in gear we should start seeing some seating and drinking space added outdoors, over there.

Situated on the back of that lot is an old house, which is going to become a big event space this year too… (I told you there was a lot to write about these guys)

There’s Still More…

Fibonacci has also kicked off a charity series every month to help rotating causes.  It’s called ‘Fib Funds’ and deserves a whole post just on the effort that they’ve spearheaded with this.

The taproom itself has gotten a beautiful new addition as well in the form of a great mural done by Anthony ‘Tank’ Mansfield which features a little piece from all of Fibonacci’s current beers all swirled into a great representation of who the brewery is.

All in all… I think the point here is that you really need to keep an eye out on this tiny little nano brewery for this summer (and beyond) because they’re doing big things.  If you’ve yet to make it out to see it for yourself – well… you know what I’m going to say you need to do, right?

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