Wooden Cask hasn’t been around forever, but owner and head brewer Randy has quite the story about how he ended up in Newport making some of the most sessionable and flavorful beers that you’ll find in Cincinnati.  We wanted to tackle the story of Randy, the story of Wooden Cask, and of course explore some of these beers that we’ve been hearing so much about since they opened their doors.  How do you fit into a busy craft beer marketplace?  How do you separate yourself from breweries who thrive on riding trends and making the next new thing constantly?  We explore it all!

Guests This Week

  • Derek Kolligian – Guest Host
  • Randy Schiltz – Wooden Cask Brewing Company

From The Beer Fridge

  • Wooden Cask – WC Cider
  • Wooden Cask – Pacific Time
  • Wooden Cask – Hell Yes
  • Wooden Cask – Newporter
  • Wooden Cask – Yorkshire Ale
  • Wooden Cask – Reformation

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