It only makes perfect sense that a collaboration like this needed to happen. Before we really get into the collaboration that is gearing up to take place both here in Cincinnati, and back in the home of Maisel and Friends, Germany, we need to talk about why something like this makes so much sense.

Who Is Christian Moerlein?

When I say ‘Who is Christian Moerlein’, I don’t really mean the man himself… entirely. I’m talking about the brewery that everyone in Cincinnati knows the name of. The name Christian Moerlein has become so closely entwined with Cincinnati at this point because of its history.

The historical side of Christian Moerlein could easily be seen as a negative. It’s hard for a brewery to find their place in a fast changing and ever more crowded craft beer market when their entire existence pulls so much from the German Heritage of a city like Cincinnati. Somehow the modern Christian Moerlein Brewing Company manages to tow the line, though. They have found the perfect middle ground that celebrates their history in our city, as well as pushing the boundaries of what they do, and how they fit into today’s changing beer world.

The brewery was first established in 1853 by Christian Moerlein, and it lasted until prohibition shut it down in 1919. It wouldn’t be until 1981, when the brand was revived by Hudepohl/Shoenling that it would start to gain steam again. The new Moerlein of the 80’s was one of the first craft beers on this side of the Mississippi River – and it was the first American beer to certifiably pass the Bavarian Purity Law called Reinheitsgebot (you can read more about that if you’re curious) That brings the topic across the world to another brewery – very similar in a lot of ways.

About Maisel & Friends

Maisel is a German Craft brewery… that’s right. German craft beer. In the same ways that Christian Moerlein tows the line between their heritage and their place in today’s craft beer world, Maisel & Friends has found brilliant ways to do the same thing in their home country.

The brewery was founded in 1887 upon some very traditional ideas… German beer is dripping with history. The brewery’s current owner, Jeff Maisel is the fourth generation to run his family’s business. They’ve become popular on the back of their wheat beer specialties, but have really started to get people talking as they’ve truly become one of the first German craft brewers.

Their ability to push the boundaries of what they brew doesn’t mean that they don’t look back to the history and the things that have made German beer what it is – all of their beers follow and comply with the Reinheitsgebot still. Their dance between history and modern craft beer mirrors that of our local Moerlein.

On top of all this – It just so happens that Maisel is located just right down the road from Truppach, the hometown of a Mr. Christian Moerlein.

The Stars Align And Collaboration Happens

It only makes sense, right? This is a teaming up of two breweries that is meant to happen. The two breweries are going to get together starting this month and continuing on for the next few months to brew two different beers to celebrate a kinship that can’t be manufactured.

On June 21st, Marc Goebel (Maisel’s Brewmaster) along with their beer sommelier Michael Koenig will be traveling here to Cincinnati to kick the collaboration off by brewing a hoppy wheat ale called Spacetime. Spacetime will twist a German Weiss Beer into the modern world of craft beer. It will use a German Malt base, kicked up with American Hops to deliver a package of Pineapple, Pine, Citrus and Tropical Aromas that will not let you forget that it’s brewed here in the states. The four packs of cans will accompany draft beer in a late July release around town.

As if this isn’t enough – there are a few events to celebrate the coming together of the breweries. There is a low key reception at the Lager House on the 21st to celebrate their arrival. From 7-9 pm there will be some fun new Moerlein beer infusions to try.

Thursday the 22nd from 6-9pm the brewery will host a Moerlein Beer dinner at the Bauer Farm Kitchen, where Moerlein beers will be paired up with four courses.

The big one, though, comes on Friday the 23rd from 7-10 pm. This event at the Moerlein Malthouse will include a fantastic lineup of both Moerlein and Maisel beers for you to sip away on. The Zinzinnati Bier Band will be keeping you entertained the whole time. The author Don Tolzmann who literally wrote the book on Christian Moerlein and had it edited by some of the best independent book editors will be on hand to debut (and sign) his latest work ‘John Hauck, Cincinnati’s West End Beer Baron’. There will also be an optional BBQ buffet available and to top it all off, a live broadcast by your favorite local Cincinnati Beer Podcast, Cincy Brewcast.

The other side of the collaboration will be taking place in a couple of months, with the Moerlein team traveling to Bavaria, Germany to brew the second beer, called Teleporter at Maisel in Bavaria. This Imperial Porter will launch on September 14th and 15th at the Maisel & Friends craft brewer festival in Bayreuth, Germany.

Both of these breweries are excited to dig into German History, and Modern Craft Brewing to bring forth a couple of beers that will make everyone proud of both sides of the brewing coin. Stay tuned, Cincy… there’s definitely more to come about this….


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