Wings Night at Listermann is getting a little bit better, with the stand alone kitchen for Renegade Street Eats slowly opening their long awaited doors in the newly, and fantastically renovated taproom.

It’s all just another step for Listermann Brewing Company as they continue to turn their taproom into a destination for beer drinkers here in town.  The taproom has already grown exponentially in physical size, with picnic tables, games, roll up garage door style windows and lots of other additions (glassware, finally!!) that turn it into the taproom that it was always destined to be.

About Renegade Street Eats

I’m sure that you’re at least a little bit familiar with Renegade Street Eats, as they’ve been around in their food truck for quite a while – since 2012.  They’ve been a long time partner with Listermann with menu items often incorporating the beers from the brewery.

The food truck came about after the owners first started cooking for each other on Saturday nights, and that weekly event started turning into a bigger and bigger idea.  From a restaurant idea into the food truck, and now into a stand alone location inside one of Cincinnati’s oldest and most influential craft breweries… Renegade Street Eats has a story that rivals so many of the craft breweries that we love.

The new kitchen does a lot for what Renegade is.  They have the opportunity to finally offer up a full menu – French Fries will finally be hitting up their menu board, along with all the staples that you’ve come to love.  This is good stuff.

When Does It Open?

Renegade’s kitchen is in a soft opening phase of sorts currently… which means that while you might stroll into Listermann on any given night and see the kitchen working away just fine, the hours are going to be a little sporadic as they work on training and figuring out the new space.

There is a Grand Opening celebration scheduled, though for June 24th, so you might want to add that to your calendar if you’re looking to help support them – and you should head out and support them!

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