Brewery – Listermann
Beer – Yoda Potato
Style – NE DIPA
ABV – 8.4%

East coast DIPA with Citra, Lemondrop and El Dorado

Released side by side with their ‘Ms. E’ NE IPA on May 6th 2017, this was the first NE IIPA from the team at Listermann.  They loaded the beer up with 5 pounds of super fruity and expressive hops per barrel creating a beer that doesn’t skimp on fruity hop flavor, for sure.

The beer is part of their ‘Pet Series’ of beers, with this one being named after their brewer, John Ewers little loveable Pug.  The folks at Listermann said that he bothered the team for months about making a beer named after his dog, and in their words they were always ok with the idea, but they really wanted him to “work for it”.  So after a few months, they greenlit the idea and Yoda Potato was born… the beer, I mean.

My Thoughts On Listermann Yoda Potato

This beer pours a hazy, if not even murky, golden color, with a thin white head that quickly dissipates.

Aromas are soft citrus fruit… lots of lemon aromas with some tropical notes present as well.

The taste is smooth and fruity, with a bright citrus character that breaks it up, and some sweet berries finishing it all out.  This beer is well done, and the big abv is hidden well, making this a dangerous companion.

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