Brewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Flash Lamp
Style – Tart White Ale
ABV – 5.5%
PH – 3.2

A tart white style ale brewed with 30 lbs of Trappist Orange Marmalade, 1.17 lbs of coriander, 5oz of dried Rose Petals, malted barley, flaked oats, and torrified wheat.  A refreshing twist on a classic white ale.

There are a lot of things to love about Urban Artifact – from their artwork on their cans to their attitude of weirdness bringing forth greatness.  But one of the most important of them all is their ability to take a beer style like a White Ale and put their own spin on it, creating something entirely new.

This beer made it’s debut in the taproom as a bit of a surprise in April of 2017, and then rolled onto the canning line quickly thereafter getting onto shelves in June.

The beer is the first piece of a new 6 month rotational can, who’s 6 month “pair” is still a mystery.  Until then, we know that we’ve got this delicious refreshing treat to get us through the dog days of summer!

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Flash Lamp

Flash Lamp pours a clear orange color with a thin white head on top of the glass.  It’s aroma is a complex swirl of orange and spice notes.

The beer packs a solid kick of tart flavor, with a bright refreshingly light orange crispness dominating the beginning of the flavor, as long as you aren’t caught off guard by the acidic bite, you’ll be blessed with a full depth of flavors that keep your tounge wanting more sips of the beer.

As the beer warms up, it develops a big, almost thick juicy orange note that leaves extremely quickly – the coriander and rose petals dance on the tongue after the flavor has left… it’s nice, and full flavored while still maintaining a “clean” body that makes me just want to call it refreshing. Perfect for summertime.  Yes, that might be the one word that you need in writing up tasting notes – Refreshing.

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