This was a show recorded in one of the loudest rooms that we’ve ever tried to do a show in, but the situation called for it.  Christian Moerlein Brewing Company and Maisel and Friends collaborated together with a pair of beers that exemplified the spirit of craft beer to a degree that just couldn’t be ignored!  We set up shop in the taproom during the party welcoming Maisel and Friends to Cincinnati where I picked the brains of Greg Hardman from Moerlein and Michael Konig from Maisel and Friends.  We explored not just why they came together for this beer, but really dug into what craft beer means, and what makes it so special.  To wrap things up, we found a quiet minute to have a conversation with Don Heinrich Tolzmann about his new book about John Hauck and how the current wave of craft brewery owners could learn a thing or two from the beer barons of Cincinnati’s history.

Guests This Week

  • Michael Konig – Maisel and Friends
  • Greg Hardman – Christian Moerlein Brewing
  • Don Heinrich Tolzmann – Author, historian

From The Beer Fridge

  • Maisel – Weisse

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