Relax… it’s not what you think. Darkness isn’t calling last call on anything. Instead they are raising the curtain on a show that you might want to check out, leading up to their big anniversary party.

Let’s dig in!

Last Call For Alcohol

The brewery has teamed up with a comedy group that is putting on an interactive, drinking game show. Innovative sort of says it best with this production, which juggles comedic sketches depicting the drinking culture and the people who inhabit it, as well as interactive drinking games with the audience. You could learn a thing or two in readiness for the next time you throw a party, from 2 people drinking games to large group games which are bound to create a great vibe that your guests won’t forget. You definitely won’t forget this event either.

They dive into Bar Crawls, Karaoke, Dating, Bar Sports, and Trivia… nothing is off limits. It could be a good call to brush up on your fun trivia quiz questions beforehand.

The event runs every Friday and Saturday from 8/11 until 9/16 at 9pm in the Darkness Brewing taproom, and there is a big, special performance on 8/12 for the big Darkness Anniversary party (we’ll get to that, in a minute). Tickets are $15 and include 1 beer with the price of the ticket.

The brewery has also released their full food truck schedule to let you know what you can grab to eat before the show if you’re venturing down! (keep in mind, by the very nature of what food trucks are doing… this is always subject to change)

  • 8/11 – California Tri Tip
  • 8/12 SEA Cuisine
  • 8/18 – SEA Cuisine
  • 8/19 – Packhouse Meats
  • 8/25 – Street Chef Brigade
  • 8/26 – Cheese N Chong
  • 9/1 – Texas Joe (Tacos)
  • 9/2 – California Tri Tip
  • 9/8 – Packhouse Meats
  • 9/9 – California Tri Tip
  • 9/15 – Cheese N Chong
  • 9/16 – California Tri Tip
  • 9/22 – SEA Cuisine
  • 9/23 Country Grillin’

The Big Anniversary Party

It’s surreal to think that Darkness has been open for a year already. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were all gathered around a table for Episode 10 of Cincy Brewcast. The brewery wouldn’t open until a year later in 2016, but that night cemented a friendship that goes well beyond the fact that they make killer beer down in Bellevue. These are guys that you are happy to see succeed because they’re good people, doing things for the right reasons.

So… that brings us to now, where they finally hit that 1 year milestone.

They’re throwing a celebration worthy of the milestone, with special beer tappings, live music (four different bands), 3 comedians, circus performers, craft tents, face painting… it’s going to be an insane extravaganza of a party. The event all runs from 1-11pm, and ends with a special 10pm performance of ‘Last Call For Alcohol’.


So no… it’s not last call for Darkness. It’s actually the complete opposite. The brewery is settling into their space wonderfully – their neighborhood fits their personality wonderfully and their beer is kicking ass and making new fans every day. If you haven’t been to their taproom yet… I think it might be time for you to do so.

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