There seems to be a large group of beer drinkers (myself included) that have a deep seated passion for the virtues of watermelon beer in the hot summer months.  If you find yourself hanging out in that same group as I do, you’ll be happy to hear that today marks the day that Municipal Brew Works taps this years batch of Woltermelon Blonde Ale.

About The Beer

This beer takes the base of Municipals ‘Approachable Blonde Ale’ and kicks it up to a new summery level with a bunch of fresh watermelons.  It somehow manages to take what is already a fantastic, easy drinking summer beer and makes it even more so.

The beer is a nice, sessionable 4.8% ABV, and hits you with a really nice fresh watermelon aroma.  The flavor is not a “smash you in the face” artificial watermelon flavor, instead leaning toward the fresh side.  It’s brisk fresh flavor pairs up perfectly with the summer heat, which is so easily enjoyed on the massive patio that sits in front of Municipal Brew Works.

The beer came about after Hamilton suffered the loss of one of it’s firefighters, Patrick Wolterman.  Patrick fell in love with craft beer at a party, during which someone had presented him with a Watermelon beer, which he became a massive fan of.  What better way to salute one of Hamilton’s heroes than with a Watermelon beer that bears his name?

About The Release

You should probably know right off the bat that this beer goes fast – last years batch flew off the taps faster than the brewery could tap it, and I expect that this year will be much of the same story.  (It was gone last year in around 2 weeks!)

The tapping party takes place this evening, kicking off at 4:15.  The Wolterman family will be present, as will quite a few members of the Hamilton Police and Fire Departments to not only tap the beer, but to show their support to the family and the city that suffered a horrible loss with Patrick.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated towards the Companions on a Journey Grief Support Group which is out of West Chester.

Head out to Municipal to not only snag your pint or two of this great summer beer, but to show your support to the Wolterman family, and to all the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for the city of Hamilton.  Shake a couple hands and tell them thank you.

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