This was originally recorded as a live broadcast with Cincinnati’s GCCBS facebook group to prepare the world for the much anticipated Blue Melvin bottle release at Fifty West, but as these things tend to go, the conversation was just too fantastic to have it only live inside of a live video, I knew that eventually I’d have to let it loose as a podcast too!

We were joined by Max from Fifty West to dig into all the details about the release event, and Bobby stopped by for a minute after (during) his weekly run.  We were even graced by a one of Cincinnati’s OG bloggers, Queen City Fresh too.  We talked all things that you’d expect from a Blue Melvin show, including how the beer came to be in the first place.  Of course… we also drank both a cellared version of the original beer, as well as taste of this years version too.

Guests This Week

  • Jesse Folk – GCCBS
  • Max Fram – Fifty West
  • Bobby Slattery – Fifty West
  • Chris Stevens – Queen City Fresh

From The Beer Fridge

  • Quaff Brothers/Fifty West – Blue Melvin 2014
  • Quaff Brothers/Fifty West – Blue Melvin 2017

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