Let’s get this off my chest, right off the top of the post – This beer is fantastic.  I may or may not have had a little taster glass slid in front of me this last weekend… and may or may not have also giggled a little bit when I sipped what was held within.  Regardless of the fact that my giggling brought forth a couple strange looks by the people I was sitting next to – It was a genuine reaction… it’s delicous. (We’ll get back to that in a second… let’s get the details out of the way first.

The Collaboration

What do you get when you cross Bourbon Barrel Aged Chickow, Bourbon Barrel Aged Pirogue and Bourbon Barrel Aged Abominator?  You get an 11% treat of a beer that is being called Cuvée De 75, of course.  This beer is a special released bottle that is the result of the minds at both Listermann and Warped Wing coming together in a delicious explosion of genius.

It’s also going to be one of the (if not the first) to use the Brewer’s Association’s new Independent Seal on it’s label.

The project is a fun one… using the idea of blending to take collaboration to a new spot for the breweries.  Why not take some of the best barrels that each brewery has, and start tweaking and combining them, just to see what results… and what resulted is pretty freaking special.  It’s about taking the innovation and creativity that each brewery has, and literally combining them into one product.  No one stands above the other with this beer… it’s not a Listermann Beer that Warped Wing showed up on brew day to shovel grain and slap their name on it – vice versa, Listermann didn’t drive all the way up to Dayton just so they could drink a few Trotwoods and say they were there, and you can see that excitement when breweries do something they are really proud of.

One more thing… can we give a shout out to LemonGrenade Creative on the label for this? I don’t know who’s idea it was – but the little addition of Touchdown Jesus is freaking brilliant!

Get Your Hands On Some

This next week kicks off Ohio Brew Week, and to celebrate they’re releasing bottles of this beer in the Listermann Taproom on Saturday, July 15th.  Then make your way up to Warped Wing’s fantastic taproom space where there will be draft tapping at 3pm to continue the celebration.

Keep in mind, these bottles are extremely limited – I told you that it was special.  They’re selling them in four packs of 12oz bottles for $19.99 – and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  But also keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks… they’ve got some collaborative events in the works too.

So, What’s It Taste Like?

I started this off telling you that it’s delicous… which should be enough.  If it isn’t, I’ll tell you more – Think of a dark, chocolatey brown beer… sitting in a snifter with a thin foamy brown head on top.  Bourbon sweetness lingers on top of the glass, filling your nose with deep vanilla and oakiness when you get close enough to take a sip.  The flavor though, doesn’t hit you with the booziness… it’s warming and well rounded chocolate flavors, like a piece of warm cake that’s been stashed away in a barrel for a few months (in the best way possible… not like old cake, mind you).  The finish slides the vanilla and oak notes again.  It doesn’t drink like it’s 11% at all – it drinks like a liquid dessert, and I desperately want to drink a glass of it alongside a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.

Should you get this beer – yeah… you should definitely make sure you get some of this beer.

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