Brewery – Wooden Cask
Beer – Corruption
Style – Bourbon Barrel Aged Scottish Stout
ABV – 10.2%

Corruption is our Reformation Scottish Stout aged for just over 4 months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels.

This beer is exactly what the commercial description says – it’s a Scottish stout that was aged for four months in some Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels.  That might be all that you need to know about the beer to know what to expect, but it only scratches the surface for really understanding the beer.

Reformation is the base beer, the Scottish Stout.  Once it get’s it’s boozy rest applied to it, it becomes Corruption.  It’s a tale of Newport itself, the home of Wooden Cask Brewing Company.  Reformation and Corruption twist together throughout the years.  I wrote a bit about this beer when it was released to hopefully get you excited about it… but if you missed that post, let this one be a last warning to you – Don’t miss out on buying this, it’s amazing.

Releaed on June 17th, 2017 in the Wooden Cask taproom, it didn’t make its way out into distribution… but it marked the first barrel aged bottle release from the brewery, and hopefully the start of a long line of them.

My Thoughts On Wooden Cask Corruption

THere are not a lot of Barrel Aged Stouts that can manage to stay as light and finessed as Corruption seems to have done.  I hope that makes sense.  It’s not a ‘Punch you in the face type of Bourbon Barrel Aged beer’.

In the glass it pours typical.  Dark brown, with a lighter tan colored head.  Aromas are vanilla and bourbony booze, with a touch of chocolate behind it.

The taste is like a piece of candy.  The booziness doesn’t come across like I anticipated, instead it’s a sweet balance of chocolate and caramel that can be described as little else than a “treat”.  There is a swirling vanilla flavor that holds it all together and melds the flavors into one cohesive masterpiece.  This beer has become one of my favorite barrel aged beers to be released in Cincinnati, and in a city like this – that’s saying a LOT.

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