That’s right – you read it correctly – Newport’s very own Wooden Cask Brewing company is gearing up for their next bottle, and their first barrel aged release, Corruption.  I’ve been extremely excited about how they have been doing things down there, and when they invited me down to have a quick sneak peek at the release, I couldn’t get down there quick enough.

About Corruption

The tale of corruption starts with Reformation, a Scottish Stout that if you’ve been to the taproom you’re likely already familiar with.  This barrel aged version of the beer kicks things up a notch or two – with all the fantastic chocolatey flavors that I love about the base, but an ABV increase from 7% up to 10.2%.

The increase in ABV is hardly noticeable, though.  The beer has such a profound sweet bourbon character that all I’m left with is a sensation of chocolate, caramel and vanilla.  The beer is so dessert-like that I didn’t even have time to think about much else.

To become what it is, Corruption spent around 4-5 months in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels, to pick up as many of the flavors from the wood, without becoming overpowering.

The name for the beer is a great play on the base beer, Reformation – showcasing the many sides of Newport has expressed in its storied history.

Don’t worry if you fall in love with this beer, and work your way through your supply to fast – there are most definitely plans to make this beer again.

About The Release

Corruption releases in the Wooden Cask taproom, which will be the only place you’ll be able to snag bottles of this gem.  This weekend, June 17 is a prime opportunity for any die-hard Wooden Cask fans to mingle with anyone of you who still haven’t found your way down the York Street taproom, yet.

They’re opening their doors at Noon, when you’ll be able to grab yourself a snifter of the beer on tap, and stock up on some bottles.  You can get a six-pack of bottles for $18, and they’ve set the limit at one case per person (that’s four six packs).  Do it.

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