Brewery – FigLeaf
Beer – Basmati
Style – Cream Ale
ABV – 5.1%
IBU – 26

Inspired by local home-brewing legend Ted Holloway, our Cream Ale uses basmati rice to impart a subtle yet distinct almost white-popcorn basmati aromatic note. Grounded by a base of Pilsner malt and just enough Liberty hops to balance, this beer was designed to be a nuanced exercise in simplicity.

It’s a difficult task, to create a beer that remains simple and easy to drink, while still having enough character and nuance to be considered exciting in this world filled with sour beer, IPAs, and Barrel Aged everything.  FigLeaf nails it, though, with Basmati.

The beer debuted when the brewery first opened their doors in the fall of 2016, and they were quick to get it into cans on Father’s Day weekend of 2017.

If you’ve yet to get your hands on it, well… needless to say, get your hands on it.

My Thoughts on FigLeaf Basmati Cream Ale

Basmati pours a clear, bright yellow color with a thin white head.

Aromas are soft graininess, that as soon as I read them describe it as popcorn was all I’m able to describe it as.

The flavor is light, and sweet.  The creaminess comes across well, and this has a nice mouthfeel, much bigger than you’d expect from a beer that sits on the lighter end of the spectrum.  This is nice for drinking in the sunshine, but lends itself really well to sipping even after the sun has dropped below the horizon.  It’s full of character, and keeps me smiling all through the glass.

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