Brewery – March First
Beer – Craft Lager
Style – American Lager
ABV – 5.1%

Clean, Refreshing, Malty – Pours a harvest gold with a frothy white head.  A clean, malty aroma mixes with hints of orange marmalade and citrus.  Notes of bready malts and roasted corn.  Medium bodied and creamy.  Slight malty sweetness gives way to a crisp refreshing finish.  A craft twist on a classic American style.

There are a lot of craft beer drinkers that for years rebelled against the idea of drinking lagers.  Didn’t we start this movement to get away from fizzy yellow beer?  The answer is yes… sort of.  This isn’t your grandfathers fizzy yellow beer, though – this is a craft lager.  March First doesn’t shy away from the fact that they use corn as an adjunct in this beer from March First, in fact they embrace it.

The brewery sources their corn from Shagbark Knolls, out in Athens.  Very differently than some of the big Macro breweries that have used adjuncts to cheapen the product, this locally sourced corn does the complete opposite in fact – adding expense to the grain bill, but lightens the product up a bit – and adds some sweetness that can’t be beat.

This is a beer designed to be easy drinking, refreshing and a bit of a throwback to what you might want when you “just want a beer”.

My Thoughts On March First Craft Lager

A deep golden to orangish in color when you pour it into your glass, there is a big, thick and frothy head on top that lets you know this isn’t your standard macro lager, that this is something else… something better.

Aromas are full of fresh bready malty sweetness, with a touch of grassiness added to the mix.

The flavor is big and sweet, yet with a nice crisp finish that leaves a refreshingly clean mouthfeel.  The brewery prides themselves on trying to be “Ohio’s Most Drinkable Craft Beer” – and this craft lager is certainly a step right in that direction.

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