Brewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Keypunch
ABV – 4.3%
PH – 3.4

A Gose infused with the juice and zest of fresh key limes.  Light, crisp, key lime pie flavors are the perfect companion for the hot days of summer.

If you have yet to drink a few of these beers sitting next to the pool, or with your feet kicked up high while the sun beats down on your already toasty shoulders, I’m not sure that you’ve full experienced what summer can offer.

Urban Artifact has a winner on their hands with this gose (not that the others in their seasonal gose line aren’t delicious… but this one is downright life changing).  In regards to the name of the beer the brewery says:

The punch card was a stepping stone into the era of digital computing.  Weaving patterns, piano rolls, and calculations to send teams into space.  Program your day with a Keypunch.

Beyond the name – the story of this beer is all about fresh fruit, tart character and the desire to craft a beer that goes down fantastically in the summer heat.  You nailed it, Urban Artifact!

This beer was the first ever that they tapped for their #TapTuesday event, where they debut a new recipe, infusion, or beer every single week on Tuesdays.  Every since that fateful week in the early summer of 2015 this city knew that there was something special about Urban Artifact and their desire to do things a little different from what most people were doing.

The beer itself uses 160 pounds of Key Limes, alongside Sea Salt, Coriander Seed and a little bit of vanilla bean to turn their gose base into something spectacular. It’s a recipe that once in cans changed my summer experience for the better.

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Keypunch

This beer is hazy gold, with a thin foamy white head on top.

The scents that I get from the top of the glass are much like you’d expect from a key lime pie – lime juice and a bready, almost graham crackery crust scent are present.

The taste is wonderfully refreshing, less like a pie and more like a delicious lime cordial.  Tartness sits front and center with the dominant lime flavor, the sea salt and coriander come in later, after your mouth is empty.  It leaves a refreshing quality that makes me want to have  another sip over and again.

This is a summer staple not just in my house, but all across Cincinnati for very good reason, it punches you in the jaw with tart refreshment, and it nails the key lime flavor better than any beer I’ve ever tried that has tried to do so.  This canned creation is a trophy of amazing achievement for Urban Artifact.

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