It’s the April Fools Day prank that took on a life of it’s own.

MadTree has done this in the past… thrown out a crazy, off the wall can idea just to play with our fragile minds in April. Remember the wax dipped cans of Axis Mundi?  I certainly do.  They don’t mean any harm, and they certainly don’t mean their April Fools Day jokes as a hint at what is coming down the pike for their brewery.  Dreamsicle started becoming something else though – it got people talking.  In fact, people wanted this to happen so much that hundreds of people started signing an online petition to let the brewery know just how much they wanted it.

But MadTree… They Can’t Do It!

This was my favorite part of the whole “Dreamsicle Saga”.  Every time it seemed that someone would start talking about Dreamsicle cans online, there would be one or two people who would chime in.  These people “knew about beer”, and they knew that MadTree couldn’t even do this if they wanted to.

Dreamsicle cans would blow up they said.  THe fruit juice that was added to the process late would keep fermenting in the cans, and the resulting buildup of gasses would turn the cans into tiny dreamy little bombs.  MadTree just laughed it off… it didn’t matter.  The cans were just a joke.  Then one day, a sly remark from the Prof. Himself… something along the lines of “We’ve got a lot of really smart people working at MadTree – they can figure anything out”.  It was the first time that we started to see a little sway.

MadTree 2.0 – Dream Facilitator

There are a lot of things that you can thank MadTree 2.0 for – the biggest is elbow room… sort of.  The production space (what little bit they still have) enables the brewery to put out some smaller batches of things that they wouldn’t have been able to before.  They can make dreams come true.

The label for Dreamsicle quietly rolled through the TTB, and I shot an email out to MadTree – Could this really be happening?  It was met with a sly response of “Sometimes we get approval for things that we might not ever make”.

It was on.  It might have been a clever response… but I could hear it in the sly tone… Dreamsicle was coming.

The Release

Sure enough, here we are.  I’ve checked my calendar several times, and we’re not anywhere close to April Fools Day – and yet the announcement has arrived in our inboxes.  Dreamsicle cans will be hitting the taproom floor, and retailers shelves this week.  That signature little Octopus eating an ice cream cone will bring smiles to faces all across Cincinnati.

The release party takes place on Thursday, August 31 from 4pm-8pm.  Catch-A-Fire pizza will have some fun signature items on the menu, and finally – FINALLY… everyone can stop screaming for this beer.

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