You might remember the first time that Covington’s Braxton Brewing Company teamed up with Cincinnati’s favorite Ice Cream, Graeter’s.  You can of course read about the beer if you’re confused – but I suspect you remember what I’m talking about, after all… the beer release might have been the biggest beer release that this city has ever seen, with more online “hype” than I have seen anything in the Cincinnati Beer scene have behind it.

You didn’t think they were done, did you?  They’re at it again.

About The Beer

Braxton and Graeter’s have selected another great flavor to continue their partnership.  Up next is the ‘Blueberry Pie Brown Ale’ – if we take a look at the label, we can learn a little more about what this beer is all about (and it’s not just about a delicious beer this time…). It reads:

A Freshly Baked Collaboration, Handcrafted For A Cure.

This scrumptious brown ale is loaded with blueberry juice and notes of pie crust.  Our most meaningful brew, benefitting The Cure Starts Now foundation and their worldwide effort to discover a “homer” cure for cancer.

The beer is 7% ABV and 24 IBUs, but if you didn’t gather it by the beer’s description – this is about a much bigger effort than just crafting something for you to drink with your buddies. This flavor is based off of one of Graeter’s most iconic seasonal flavors, Elena’s Blueberry Pie.  The ice cream is a special flavor that was created by a Cincinnati family in support of The Cure Starts Now.  In the ten years since it’s creation it has brought an amazing level of awareness and support to the cause.

The Cure Starts Now

The beer is the result of the two local businesses coming together to try to build upon the success of their last collaboration – What can you do to top the success of the Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip?  You use the power of collaboration to help benefit someone else.

With the release of Blueberry Pie Brown Ale, Braxton is also pledging a donation upwards of $10,000 to the charity to not only help them in their goal, but to help bring awareness as well.  The charity has a mission to find the homerun cure for cancer by focusing on pediatric brain cancer – and this teaming up gives all of us a fantastic way to support their cause while imbibing in our favorite beverage.

The Release

The beer itself will be released starting September 9th in the Braxton taproom.  It will also find its way out onto the shelves of their retail partners, but the taproom party is going to be one you don’t want to miss.

During the party, Graeter’s will be serving up their famous ice cream, as well as the beer itself being tapped by Bob and Rich Graeter themselves.  Live music from Erin Coburn – Food Trucks – Yard Games in front of the taproom, this is going to be a great party for everyone.

Make sure you RSVP to the Facebook event, and share it with your friends!

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