Brewery – Fifty West
Beer – Ocean City Gose
Style – Gose
ABV – 4.7%
IBUs – 16

Pouring a pink hue due to the addition of hibiscus, this strawberry rhubarb gose has a small amount of sea salt creating a refreshing balance between the acidity and fruity sweetness leading to a clean, dry finish.

First and foremost… if you didn’t see this can on shelves next to your Fifty Fest Tangelo Fruit Stand IPA cans, it’s because it only sat there for a little while.  There was an issue with an off-flavor, and the cans were all pulled from shelves to prevent people tasting it, and thinking that was what the beer was supposed to taste like.  Think of this can as a collector’s item of sorts now.

The beer was part of the 2017 series of limited-run cans featuring the Fifty Fest ‘Golden Tickets’ which grant the holder free admission into Fifty West’s Beer, Food, and Music festival called Fifty Fest.  Beyond that – it’s a can of a really tasty Summery Gose.

Since I’ve gotten to try it both fresh on draft at the brewery, as well as sampling this can – I can say that yeah – it tasted a little different out of the can, but it wasn’t bad.  However… I’ll use my draft-only experiences to tell you my thoughts, just to be fair.

My Thoughts on Fifty West Ocean City Gose

The beer pours a really beautiful hazy pink color in the glass, with a really thin, and quickly dissipating head on top.

Aromas are light funk, and a sweet touch of the strawberry.

The taste is really great, with a sour pucker right up front and center – then finishing with the sweet hints of strawberry and rhubarb.  All of that is punctuated with a hit of sea salt.  It’s refreshing, and really damn tasty sitting in the sunshine by the Volleyball courts or on the patio at Fifty West.  I could drink quite a bit of this in the summer heat.

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