Brewery – Mt. Carmel Brewing
Beer – Take Home IPA
Style – Session IPA
ABV – 5.25%
IBUs – 44

Introducing the newest beer in our portfolio, Take Home IPA.  This sessionable IPA boasts a trifecta of Northern Pacific Hops that deliver intense tropical flavors and aromas.

It used to be that you didn’t see changes to Mt. Carmel Brewing’s bottle lineup.  They had their core styles, and their seasonal beers… and that was that.  In the last few years, though… that’s changed a bit.  They aren’t afraid to push themselves into new realms, and to push out beers that fill voids in their otherwise rock solid lineup.

Take Home IPA is a perfect example.  I love session IPAs, they fill that space where you want something crisp and hoppy, but you don’t want something so big that it kicks your palate into submission.

This is a great example of how you pack great hop flavor into a beer that is lower abv, without sacrificing on other fronts.  They loaded this beer up with Cascade, Citra and Zythos hops while keeping the abv under 6%, and for that… I’m extremely grateful.

My Thoughts On Mt. Carmel’s Take Home IPA

This beer pours a nice Golden color in my glass, with a touch of haze (that’s a thing, right?) and a really great foamy white head on top.

Aromas are certainly what you would call ‘hoppy’… I get a ton of citrus fruit, with a big pine note thrown in for good measure… no malt in the aroma that I can find.

The flavor is nice and bitter, earthy and fruity.  Bright and crisp with a lighter body and easy drinking character that I always hope for in a session IPA.  This one knocks it out of the park.  Really fun beer for the warmer months, when I want to drink something hoppy, but also want to knock back a few, instead of one.

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