There aren’t a lot of beers here in Cincinnati that have developed the devoted following the way that Listermann’s Chickow! has.  The beer has spawned a fan club of sorts in addition to it’s very own holiday that the celebration of which needed to be spread out to an entire week this year.

I think I can safely say that Chickow! is a phenomenon, and not just a beer.

If you’re one of the many fans that lie in wait of the next Chickow! variant release – I think this one is going to get your ears perked up a little bit… they’ve got some really great stuff dropping this month in bottles from the newly renovated Listermann taproom.

It all goes down on September 30th, starting at 10 am.  If you’re a member of the League of Extraordinary Chickows, you get to preorder your bottles before the rest of thirsty city gets theirs… so make note!

Barrel Aged Chickow!

I don’t know if you’ve forgotten that one time that Listermann won best in show at the 2016 FOBAB with their Barrel Aged Chickow! – but I know the folks at Listermann will be living on that high for a very long time, and haven’t forgot about it quite yet.

The beer was aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, and they’re releasing a bottled version of the same beer.  I have some tasting notes from the last version – and just a slight spoiler… it’s really delicious!

Barrel Aged Turtle Chickow!

Hazelnut… Caramel… Chocolate… it’s all the flavors that were made for a Chickow variant, thrown into one Chickow variant.  If you didn’t get a chance to try this the last time it was bottled for the League of Extraordinary Chickows – make sure you don’t miss it this time!

Barrel Aged Blueberry Vanilla Chickow!

It doesn’t look like this has been released before just with a quick look through my notes, but I can only assume that it’s like a slice of delicious pie in a glass.  Sweet like a dessert even by itself, Chickow works fantastically with fruit flavors!

Barrel Aged Kopi Luwak Chickow!

This one certainly got my interest piqued when I first heard about it.  Kopi Luwak is a coffee that is famous for being the most expensive coffee in the world.  The coffee goes through a “unique” process before it’s roasted – in that it’s partially digested by the Indonesian Palm Civet… a little cat like dude.

Think of this as a barrel aged coffee Chickow – with the added gimmick of being made with coffee that is stupidly expensive to buy.  From what I understand, this coffee typically sells for around $100 to $600 a pound… making this beer a fun one!

The brewery did note, however, with this one, that there was a chance that it wouldn’t be ready in time for the release – so pay attention to their social media if you are dead set on going just for this version.  We don’t want anyone getting grumpy, do we?

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