Today marks the tapping celebration for the latest Taft’s beer, this one being a collaboration with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to help promote the grand reopening of Music Hall.  I don’t have a ton of information about the beer itself – but I wanted to at least pass the information on to you just in case you’re looking for somewhere to grab a beer tonight!


The Beer, The Event

The tapping event is this evening (9/21/17) at Taft’s Ale House – with the event kicking off at 5:30pm.  To help celebrate the event, the brewery is hosting a raffle too.  With each purchase of a ‘Fanfare’ you score a raffle ticket which could win you a pair of tickets to an exclusive acoustic test at Music Hall on Tuesday the 26th.  The ticket drawing is going to be held at 8:30 pm, and while you don’t need to be present to win, with every beer you increase your odds, so chances are you’ll still be there drinking… and increasing your odds.  There are three pairs of tickets to win… so don’t miss out!

The beer itself is a Ale (duh… obviously), brewed with malted oats, peach, mango and black tea. If you find yourself down at Tafts to try this beer – shout me out online and tell me what you think!

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