Part of what makes the new Taft’s Ale House location so exciting is that they’ll finally have a little elbow room to start pushing out more cans for the shelves around town (and well beyond).  I know you’ve seen the debut of their new core lineup around lately, and it’s high time that you get your fridge stocked with some more “special releases” now too – don’t you think?

If this label that found approval recently tells us anything… it’s telling us a big hint at one of the next releases will likely be. Skronk Juice.

About Skronk Juice

This beer is a really great session IPA, clocking in at 4.9% ABV and a healthy 40 IBUs.  The label reads:

A citrusy hop-splosion for the world traveler’s daily excursions or whatever the hell “skronk” is.

That tells us exactly what we need to know – it’s a nice citrusy treat of hops for those times when you want something that satisfies the urge without knocking you on your ass after putting back more than a “few” of them.  It’s a perfect addition to the can lineup from Taft’s and I certainly hope that it will be sticking around long enough that coolers can be stocked fully during some of the events that require a more serious look into what we’re drinking.

Stay tuned… I’ll give you all the details as they come available about this release!


After some of their customers and fans expressed some concerns over the original label design, the brewery decided that it was best to rework the look of the cans.  The new label is the one on the top, below with the old design underneath.  Regardless of if you feel the old design was offensive or not, you’ve got to give the brewery props for listening, and making things right!

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