I get tired of writing it, and I’m sure you get tired of reading it, but the standard disclaimer has to be thrown into this from the very beginning – Just because a brewery has federal label approval, it doesn’t in turn mean that the stars will align and the brewery will release this.  All this means is that they can.  It also says nothing about a time frame for when this will be released if that was going to happen.  It’s just a sneak peek at what we might see!

All that being said – LOOK!  Rhinegeist has label approval for Science Fiction!

Science Fiction

We’ve seen this pop up from time to time on draft and if you’ve missed out on trying it when it does, you’ve missed out on a funky treat.

To create this brew, Rhinegeist starts off with the base of their Belgian Pale Ale, called Fiction.  The beer is a fruity mix of esters from the Belgian yeast used, coupled with lychee, kiwi and citrus from the New Zealand hops.  The beer is fantastic to start off with.

Fiction then gets a pitch of Brettanomyces and is soured with a mixed culture on wood.  Boom… Science Fiction is born.

The beer comes out at 6.9%, with a PH of 3.63 and it spent around 20 months on wood by the time it hits the bottle… Thirsty yet?  The description on the label reads:

Amidst the depths of science, the silent vortex of time probes outer reaches of wood and ether.  What is true is the question at hand, a squirming coil hot to the touch.  This funky blonde ale delivers a blast of brettanomyces and mixed culture – complexities intriguingly born by molecular galaxies.

The bottle does note on it that this is a vintage from 2018, which means that more than likely we won’t be seeing it in these remaining months of 2017 at least.  We can only hope that it happens soon, and when it does it signals the start of a lot of barrel aged sour bottles from Rhinegeist!

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