Of course they are.  The folks at Urban Artifact don’t shy away from doing things a little bit “outside of the norm”.  This idea is certainly one that strays a bit away from the center line of normal, in a good way.

Do you remember the joy of Trick or Treating as a kid?  Never knowing what piece of candy was going to be dropped in your bag at each house was some of the fun.  The mystery and excitement of not knowing kept you going from house to house, hoping to score that perfect piece.  Urban Artifact is hoping to capture some of that fun and excitement for Adults looking to recapture a little bit of that Halloween spirit this year with their first mixed 12 pack of bottles.

About The Trick Or Treat 12 Pack

It starts out with a simple enough idea.  The brewery is making a 12 pack of beers that will all tie into the Halloween theme, which for a brewery that LOVES Christmas beers as much as these folks do… it’s no surprise really. But then they put their own little UA spin on things and kick it up a notch.

Each beer will be flavored to match up with a Halloween candy, a treat – or maybe a trick.  They’re all going to be a mystery until you pour it into your glass and give it a taste.

They strayed from their “norm” and put on what they have called a ‘cultural mask’ for the release, and utilized flavorings, acids and coloring to achieve the desired end result of each beer.  I have no idea what we’re in for when we dig into each of these beers, but the idea gets me really curious…  Candy Corn?  Gummy Worms? Candy Bars?  Who the heck knows?  Brewer Josh Elliot said of what to expect “They are totally obnoxious, not unlike the holiday itself.” – I’m in.

The Release

This is a pretty limited release – so if it sounds like fun to you, you’re going to want to snag yours asap.  The best way to get your 12 pack is going to be to hit up Cappy’s in Loveland, where they’re going to be throwing a Halloween release party on 10/28.

There’s only 75 cases of these headed out into the world – with 1/3 of those hitting cappy’s, 1/3 of them being sold in the UA taproom and then the remaining 1/3 of them being used for a Halloween trick or treat “bucket” for onsite consumption.

Don’t mess this up and miss it!  The 12 packs will go for $29.99 – and you can bet I’m going to work my butt off to snag one for myself… so hopefully you’ll get a rundown post of everything that it entails in the next week or so!

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