I love when a happy surprise slides into my inbox, or across my desk.  When Rivertown announced this beer back in September I wasn’t expecting it which made it that much sweeter.  The news of it only gets better when you start to dig in!

Collaborating With The Cure Starts Now

Charity and craft beer go hand in hand, and Rivertown is partnering again with The Cure Starts now to try to help develop a homerun cure for cancer.

I hope you remember back to last year when they raffled off a ‘Be A Brewer For A Day” experience, which turned out the widely successful ‘Brennan’s Bucknut Brew’ (you can relive that one here) you’ll remember that these collaborations have the power to not only do a lot of good, but to create some delicious beers too.  Brennan’s was a big, chocolatey, roasty beer and showcased the side of Rivertown that we don’t get to see as often as I’d like.

This years beer is taking things on a similar, while still very different, route.

The Beer

Salted Carm-Ale is, according to Rivertown:

“Velvety, rich, flavored porter blending notes of salted caramel, toffee and philanthropy”

According to the bright orange caramel colored label it is brewed for: “The ones who believe in a homerun cure for cancer.”

The description on the brewery’s website says that the beer is reminiscent of the beloved, sweet and salty caramel chocolate candies that Elena Desserich (the 6 year old girl that spawned the creation of the Cure Starts Now back in 2007) loved so dearly.

Until I get a chance to try this beer for myself, I can only guess at what is in store for us drinkers when we finally get it in our beer glasses, but with how delicious RIvertown’s Roebling Porter is, I can only imagine what this beer can potentially taste like.  A swirling of chocolate and caramel flavors with a touch of sea salt?  Sign me up!  Even better news is that this beer will be packaged in 12oz bottles, which should make sharing this beer with friends and family that much easier!

There is no firm date yet on when this beer will be hitting stores and the taproom – but they are shooing for sometime in November currently.

About The Cure Starts Now

Originally started back in 2007 in tribute to 6 year old Elena Desserich and her fight against brain cancer, The Cure Starts Now has become one of the fastest growing cancer research charities. They now have 26 chapters worldwide and have funded over 6.7 million dollars in homerun cancer research at institutions globally, including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

I know we all like to drink beer because…well.. beer is delicious, but I also think its important to use our love of this fantastic beverage to do some good in the world, which is exactly the point of partnering up with this charity for Rivertown Brewing Company.

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