Urban Artifact is known for doing things out of the ordinary, not following the “normal” trends.  They are known to be a little different, you know… weird.  When you start to think about it, it only makes sense that they’d partner up with the Rabbit Hash General Store for a beer.

About The Rabbit Hash General Store

The Rabbit Hash General Store has been in operation as a General Store since 1811, and strives very hard to stay exactly the same.  After a massive fire destroyed the store recently, it was painstakingly rebuilt piece by piece, to look exactly the same as it did before, and reusing as much of the original material as possible.

It’s a place that doesn’t really make sense.  It shouldn’t exist right outside of Cincinnati in 2017, but it does.

If you want a really great history lesson on Rabbit Hash, or on the General Store, you can hit up their website and get just that.

About The Collaborative Beer

Urban Artifact is known for doing things big, weird, funky, fruity, sour, tart… everything but normal.  Which is why a Golden Ale is so perfect for them to collaborate with Rabbit Hash on.  It’s easy drinking, and should pair up perfectly with one side of the personality of Rabbit Hash, but the very idea of Urban Artifact brewing up a Golden Ale is strange enough that it pairs up perfectly well with the other side of Rabbit Hash’s personality.

The beer itself is a Golden Ale which the label describes as: Crisp, Delicate, Appealing, Enlightened, Fine, Lively, Wholesome, Digestible.

Other than those brief descriptions… which seem to showcase the personality of Rabbit Has itself as much as the beer, we get an abv statement (5.6%) and little else much to go by to figure this beer out.  I can only assume, based on the information that I’m looking at, that this beer is similar, if not the same as their Bewilderfest Golden Ale that you might have tried in their taproom.

The beer should be available at the General Store, located at 10021 Lower River Rd, Rabbit Hash Kentucky, “soon”.  But if you are eager to get your hands on this little piece of Rabbit Hash sooner it’s currently stocked up in the beer cooler at Urban Artifat’s taproom in Northside.

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