Brewery – Streetside
Beer – The Demogorgon
Style – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
ABV – 13.1%

Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill Barrels

This beer is the result of taking the brewery’s “Where’s Barb?” Imperial Stout and stashing it away in heaven hill barrels for a while.  To keep rolling with the Stranger Things references, they went with the biggest, baddest name that they could think of for this beast – The Demogorgon.

The beer (the where’s barb version) started it’s life out as a gift from Luke to Garret for his birthday… a big imperial stout with some tart cherries.  This beer might have lost the cherry side of it, but what it picked up from it’s time in the barrel more than makes up for it for me!

My Thoughts on Streetside The Demogorgon

The beer pours unassuming… while very dark with a nice, creamy tan head on top – you don’t get the full impression of what you’re in for easily.

Aromas start out with some chocolate, and wood, followed up with a sweet aroma of bourbon.  It’s nice and mellow, still though.  Nothing too overpowering blasts your nose off the top.

The flavor is where this beast shows it’s true personality.  It’s smooth, roasty, woody and chocolatey.  There is just enough heat from the booziness to balance the smooth sweetness of the beer out.  It’s fantastic.  I have fallen in love with this beer, and can’t wait to see what else starts coming out of the barrels from Streetside.

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