Brewery – Braxton
Beer – Dead Blow With Coffee
Style – Tropical Stout
ABV – 7.2%
IBUs – 27

For this beer, we’ve taken our Starter Coffee Blend and added it to Dead Blow Tropical Stout during the brewing process.  The result is the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness paired with the delicate roast of a stout. It’s a beer worth the buzz.

From almost the beginning, or just about as soon as Braxton put their Dead Blow Tropical Porter on tap, people started telling each other to try it with a little splash of coffee in it.  As this “Blown Starter” mix started gaining steam, the brewery did what any reasonable brewery would do.  They brewed it that way, and life was good.

Life was good until we Braxton fans started clamoring for an easy way to get this mix straight from a can in our fridge, that is.  Luckily for us, the brewery is in tune with our needs, and on 11/24/2017 (Black Friday) they started releasing Dead Blow with Coffee in 12oz aluminum cans of happiness.

My Thoughts On Braxton Dead Blow With Coffee

The beer really gets a fantastic boost from the coffee addition.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love Dead Blow by itself, but this turns it into a completely different beer.

The beer looks the same as it’s non-cafinated cousin, dark, almost black in color with a light tan head on top.

As soon as you get your nose close, though you get the bright coffee aromas.  They intermingle with a light toastiness and a sweet nuttiness too.

The flavor is coffee right on the front.  Bright and roasty.  Behind that sits the sweet body that you probably love about Dead Blow, with a light body that makes this a perfect dark beer for warm weather as well as cold.  It’s full flavored, and packs a bit of a punch at 7.2%, but does so without beating you over the face with anything.  It’s really nice, really tasty, really fun.

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