We’ve known that the rest of the core lineup for Rivertown was going to get a good refresher to match their other new changes, but it’s still fun to finally see them!  Tommy Sheehan from TommyInk has been working hard with the new look to Rivertown’s lineup, and the final two core beers to get their refresh have finally gotten label approval.  We’ve already got Roebling, 3984, IPA and Ember with the new look… these keep with the same design, so they won’t be a big surprise.

Hang in there until the end of this too… there’s another fun surprise from Rivertown that I’m excited to share.


I had a little sneak peek back in September at what this one was going to look like, and it’s gotten a little bit of a twist since then. The text on the label is big and bold.  It’s front and center with the text block on the edge of the label telling us that this beer is crafted “For the ones who are looking for something a little… Divergent.

The description reads:

This Berliner-style sour ale is crisp, delicate, complex and tart, providing a refreshingly contradictory

Bright orange highlights on the label make sure that this one stands out and showcases it’s bright character.


This one is my favorite of the new designs.  It takes the new look, and drops in a nice dose of personality for Soulless into it.  The text swirls and twists from an angel’s halo at one end to a devil’s tail on the other.  Scarlett lettering matches up with the Scarlett Sour Ale tag that they’ve classified the beer as.  It’s crafted “For the ones willing to indulge in something a little risqué”

The description reads:

This Flanders-style ale teases the senses with velvety, sweet notes of malt and caramel paired with a provocative lactic finish.

This will look great paired up with their other new artwork!

Roebling Nitro Cans

These little buggers are almost ready to start hitting shelves as well.  That’s right, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, nor am I messing with you today, Rivertown’s Roebling is getting a can update.  It’s not just any “normal old Roebling”, though.  They’re going all out and loading up beer fridges everywhere with Nitro Roebling with Cincinnati’s first Nitro cans!

These widgetless Nitro cans are going to be handled by the fantastic folks from Iron Heart canning and should be hitting shelves all around town in January if all things land the way they are supposed to.

These will be the first cans that we’ve seen from Rivertown in a long time, and they should be just in time for the long winter evenings, when a nitro Roebling goes so perfectly with the weather.  This is pretty cool stuff.

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