I love seeing new breweries open, and love it even more when they are located in areas that I feel are desperate for a place of their own.  Mason is exactly one of those places.  The city of Mason is a great place, with a ton of history that gets overlooked, but it feels like a desert of chain restaurants at times, with no place to really call its own.  16 Lots looks to change not only that, but to help tie the community in with the history of the city at the same time.

We spent this weeks episode really getting to know 16 Lots.  We tried a bunch of their beers and explored some of the motivation behind the style choices that they make. We explored the ever favorite question of “how big is too big” when you talk about opening a brewery in a beer market that is changing and evolving seemingly at the speed of light.  Their future plans, their current goals – it was all on the table, and made for a great show!

Guests This Week

  • Jeff Cosgrove – Head Brewer, 16 Lots
  • Mike Burton – CoFounder (The Marketing Guy), 16 Lots

From The Beer Fridge

  • 16 Lots – The Major
  • 16 Lots – Oktoberfest
  • 16 Lots – 1803
  • 16 Lots – Homestead
  • 16 Lots – Muddy Creek
  • 16 Lots – Treaty
  • 16 Lots – War Horse

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