Brewery – FigLeaf
Beer – WasteTimer
Style – American Pilsner
ABV – 4.8%
IBUs – 33

Rich medium golden color with snow-white dense lacy head. Classic sea-breeze Saaz hop aroma with subtle underlying cucumber skin and light citrus notes supported by clean bready pilsner malt aromatics. Greets the palate with assertive but smooth noble hop herbal character punctuated by floral notes. Likewise bitterness is crisp yet elegant with faint hints of underlying clean pilsner malt sweetness. Finishes dry and crisp with subtle lingering hop presence.

The third of their beers to make its way into cans, this one fits right alongside their Basmati Cream ale – it’s super drinkable, but packed full of great flavor still.  WasteTimer has a very specific role, as a go-to beer, to grab when you’re by the pool, headed to the lake, or just hanging out in the garage with your buddies… and it fits those situations extremely well.

My Thoughts On Figleaf WasteTimer

FigLeaf does a fantastic job of describing this beer in their commercial description, so I’ll just add a bit to what they already set up for you.

The color is bright and clear, with a big, fluffy, white head on top.

The aromas of the beer are wonderfully floral, with a nice biscuit malt note present as well.  After reading their description of cucumber skin, I can’t get that out of my head either… and it crosses into a nice light celery like scent.

The taste is crisp and packs a big floral hop punch.  This beer’s dryness leaves it refreshing and clean… this is really a great, beefed up, but traditional feeling lager, and it gets me excited to see what else FigLeaf will have in store for us with their canning program!

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