If you thought packaging releases from Braxton Labs were going to be all about IPAs and big pint cans, you’ve been wrong.  The brewery is rolling things right along with their ‘experimental nature’ and releasing their next beer in 500ml bottles that include a marshmallow.

Sweet Potato Casserole

If you’ve found yourself in the Braxton Labs taproom this fall, you’ve no doubt either tried this beer, or at least seen someone order one (and the prep that comes along with serving it).  Braxton’s Sweet Potato Casserole Brown ale has been one of their most popular beers to date, which made the decision to get it out in packaging a pretty easy one.

This Imperial Brown Ale is meant to remind you of Grandma (or Grandpa’s) sweet potato casserole, even down to the toasted marshmallow that sits on top of your beer glass when you order one.  The brewery finishes the beer with cinnamon and vanilla beans to crate the perfect balance of sweet and spice, and while the beer clocks in at a hearty 7.5% ABV, it drinks like something that you want to enjoy a few of all night long.

The Release

The brewery will be releasing these big 500ml bottles (with the included marshmallows) in the Braxton Labs taproom at 11am on Saturday, November 11th.  The bottles will retail for $5.99 a piece, or you can get a four pack for $19.99.  If you happen to find yourself in line waiting for a bottle, the brewery will be not just providing donuts for those in line, but Holtman’s even created a sweet potato casserole donut just for the event.

You can find the event on the Braxton Labs facebook page right here – so make sure you share it with your friends!  (It might make a good pregame before the Big Cis release that evening!!)

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