I love charity events.  If you know anything about me, and what is really behind this website, you’ll understand that I’ve got a deep rooted belief about what craft beer really is. Craft beer is actually about some things that are much bigger than the liquid that ends up in our glasses at the end of a long work day.

With that in mind… this is an event that I really want to you to not only know about, but support if you’re able.  There’s some good stuff in it for you too… don’t worry.

About Six Words: Cincinnati

Six Words: Cincinnati is a really unique project.  A few local restaurants are teaming up and hosting the event to help raise money for local pediatric cancer non-profit CancerFree Kids.  (You can read more about that charity on their website if you have’t heard of them)

Here’s how it works: the event is designed to connect the Cincy community through storytelling… one person, six words at a time.  It’s the easiest way to get straight to the point, or right to the essence of something.  You can learn more about the project by visiting their website – or even better… hitting up this event in December.

About The Event

The event will be taking place at Rhinegeist Brewery, and is hosted by Donato’s pizza. This, of course, means two things right off the top: there’s going to be great beer, and great pizza.  But even more than that, it should be a really special time.

There will be stories from Donatos, CancerFree Kids and local storytellers like photographer Louis Rideout (if you’re not following his CinciShooters Instagram account already, you should do that).  Six Words Memoirs Project Creator, Larry Smith will walk attendees through how to identify and crate their own six words stories too.

Tickets are $15, and all proceeds will directly benefit the charity, helping to eradicate childhood cancer.  With your ticket, you’ll get free pizza, and the first beer will be free.  The event runs from 6-8pm on December 11th… you should really be there.

To get your tickets you can hit up Eventbrite and get them there!

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