A new canned beer is always exciting (you didn’t think Braxton was done with the surprises for the year, did you?) but a new series is even better.  If you were tuned in to the Big Cis Brewcast a couple of weeks ago, you might have caught a few hints at this one, and now the cat’s finally out of the bag!  Braxton is gearing up to launch their Neighbor Series next month, and they’re doing it in a big way, collaborating with Georgia’s own Sweetwater Brewing Company who notoriously doesn’t tend to release collaboration beers.

What’s The Neighbor Series?

While the brewery is still being tight-lipped (aren’t they always?) about what other collaborations might come out of this series, they’ve been pretty open about what the series acutally means from a larger standpoint.

The Neighbor Series is designed to celebrate the craft beer community through unique and innovative partnerships.  If you’ve been watching the growth of Braxton, and the new Braxton Labs, you’ll know that this spirit of innovation and collaboration is nothing new for Braxton.   This is just another idea in the long line of ideas that helps capture that ethos and get it into a tangible form for the brewery and their fans.

About ‘Moving To The Country’

Moving To The Country is the name of the first beer in this series (if you didn’t gather that already).  The beer is a Peach Pale Ale brewed up with Braxton’s friends down at Sweetwater.  The teams worked together to dream up the recipe, and come up with ingredients that Braxton hadn’t worked with in the past.

The breweries came up with a combination of new hops (Rakau and Citra), and a new base malt (Golden Promise) that resulted in a pale ale that has strong notes of peaches and stone fruit.  An addition of real peach juice was added as well to help the beer cut through the winter days and play on the flavors that were already there.

You’ll be able to find cans of this collaboration all across Braxton’s distribution footprint starting December 14th.  You’ll want to keep your eyes on Braxton’s social media accounts all throughout December, though, as they’re planning a whole slew of events with Sweetwater to ramp up for the release.  Looking to get your first taste of the beer?  Look no father than Dark Charge Day… it’ll be on tap alongside a ton of other great beers!

Let’s Look At The Label

The label brings the fish from Sweetwater’s logo onto a bright peach seemingly bursting through the aluminum of the can.  One side of text describes the Neighbor Series:

At Braxton, The love of brewing beer didn’t start in a fancy brewery with mile high fermenters, it was quite the opposite.  In a modest garage is where we discovered our craft and shared our passion with our families and friends… one homebrewed pint at a time.  We’re a bit bigger now from those early days, but the excitement and imagination from collaborating with our neighbors still remains the same.  Cheers from our friends to yours!

A quick spin to the other side of the label reveals a bit about the beer:

A perfect balance of floral and tropical hops rips through this pale ale with a sweet tartness and smooth finish that hints towards the taste of summer.  Brewed in partnership with our friends at Sweetwater Brewery, this beer brings out the sweetest thing the brewing community has to offer.

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